Team coaching

You’ve got the best people on your teams but you know they could be achieving more. What’s getting in the way?

Every team – the board of directors, a management team heading up a business unit, a project team, or any work group across the organization – has the capacity to achieve extraordinary results.

Unfortunately, it is rare that a team achieves its potential and delivers exceptional results. More often, the team’s own behaviours get in the way.

Team members might stop communicating, individuals compete for dominance, petty grievances and grudges are left to fester. Revenge happens. There are power plays and surprisingly childlike behaviour. Similarly, there is competition between teams, and silos are created.

Those are all normal human behaviours but they seriously impact business results. And teams usually don’t know how to prevent or stop those behaviours or how to change their culture once it’s established.

Quick fixes don’t work

We believe that much more of the team’s potential is within reach. We believe that a better understanding by the team members of how they impact each other and how they could interact together more productively is crucial for high team performance.

We have seen numerous failed attempts at training programmes and one-off team events designed to “build team spirit”.

These events are great learning experiences and fun away days, but when the team is back at the workplace, people and processes quickly regress to the way they were and lasting change does NOT happen.

So what does work?

Well, we all know the saying: “If you continue to do what you have always done, you’ll continue to get what you always got.”

This is why we offer something more.

The goal of our team coaching is to help the people understand human nature and armed with that wisdom, create a culture that works for all of its members.

Team coaching works

Being collaborative is part of human nature.  It is also in our nature to be competitive and destructive.  Whichever the path, it all stems from the brain and how we use it.

Team coaching enables teams to tap into more of their collaborative nature and their collective potential.  Through coaching, we support teams to choose behavioural habits that lead to trust and collaboration.  We help them create a compelling common vision, to work through conflicts, embrace differences and establish empowering ways of working together.

We work with the team in focused sessions over a number of months. This gives the team the time to practise and embed new behaviours, with reinforcement from our experienced coaches who catch and redirect the old behaviours during the sessions. The process allows them to create new habits and a desirable, functional, collaborative team culture.

We help the team create its own practices. We support accountability and follow-up to make sure that the process delivers lasting change.

Team coaching delivers teams that live up to their potential.