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shooksvensen are innovators in developing people and teams. We blend neuroscience, systems thinking and experiential learning to deliver culture change that sticks. Our specialists work with leaders and their teams to develop new behaviours, skills and ways of working. The result is an organisational culture that fosters better collaboration, greater innovation and higher productivity.

We offer various ways to create change in your organisation, each of which can be delivered separately to a team, department or business unit, or they can be an integral part of a larger culture change programme. Contact us to find out more.

Leadership Development and Culture Change

We believe that culture change begins by developing your leaders first.

Through a journey of self-awareness and skill development, our Leadership Development Programme enables leaders to be more intentional about the impact they have on their direct reports, teams and all of their stakeholders.  As they learn to embrace the complexity inherent in teams, leaders learn to develop more collaborative and innovative cultures where people thrive and grow.

Team coaching

Being collaborative is part of human nature.  It is also in our nature to be competitive and destructive.  Whichever the path, it all stems from the brain and how we use it.

Team coaching enables teams to tap into more of their collaborative nature and their collective potential.  Through coaching, we support teams to choose behavioural habits that lead to trust and collaboration.  We help them create a compelling common vision, to work through conflicts, embrace differences and establish empowering ways of working together.

Coaching skills for leaders

This programme provides leaders with valuable coaching skills that can be used in a variety of interactions with their personnel, peers and other stakeholders. The goal is to adopt a more “coach-like” leadership style in order to inspire, motivate and develop their employees.

Executive coachingmm

Executive coaching is a confidential zone where executives get time to think about themselves: a safe place where they can discuss their challenges and aspirations. The coach is a partner in helping the executive make changes and reach goals, and often serves as a sounding board.

For Trainers and Coaches

shooksvensen offers programmes where we teach other practitioners to use our highly regarded and well-honed techniques of facilitating learning.

Coaches Going Corporate
advanced coaching skills

ICF accredited: 10.75 CCEUs
(for the Blended Learning Programme)

This is a master coach training series of online videos for experienced coaches which can be taken on its own or as part of an accredited blended learning programme that includes live learning calls. Coaches Going Corporate is designed for coaches who want to use their creative or feeling-based coaching skills with clients who are more logical and analytical.

Head over to BoomBoomGo for details.

the art and science of co-facilitation

ICF accredited: 16.5 CCEUs

Have you ever left a workshop feeling uplifted and inspired? Feeling ready, able and excited to implement what you have just learned?

Creating that kind of impact in others is what Alchemy is all about.

Alchemy is a 3-day programme designed for facilitators of learning – trainers, teachers, team coaches – who wish to work seamlessly in tandem with a partner. The course teaches co-facilitators how to create and deliver powerful experiential learning in a way that engages and inspires participants.

Alchemy is now also offered in-house.

Check out ALCHEMY here

Super-Charge Your Coaching

ICF accredited – 7 CCEUs

This one-day MasterCamp is for experienced coaches who want to be go further with their clients. You will have the opportunity to identify your source of strength as a coach then leverage that into a broader possibilities for your clients. We will use visualisation, play and movement to tap into your creative mind which will help you use your coaching tools in more powerful ways.

Neuroscience of Learning

This one-day interactive programme is for anyone who facilitates learning that leads to behaviour change – from delivering training to offering feedback. Participants will understand how people learn and how to create the optimal environment for learning in any situation.

Contact us for more information.

London Coach Top-ups

As coaches, we need to spend time and energy investing in ourselves and our own growth – especially if we expect our clients to do that too. Through Coach Top-ups, Lori Shook offers short personal development programmes as a gift to the coaching community. Lori aims to introduce a variety of ways to approach personal development and to bring fresh ideas to each topup. So prepare yourself for another great personal journey with Lori.

These events are presented by Lori Shook and organised by Nathalie Britten and published on Eventbrite. Get in touch with Nathalie here for the latest