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December 2015

Conversations that Count

This autumn we are highlighting Conversations that Count, a program for training leaders how to think and act more like a coach, while still maintaining authority as a manager/leader.

This robust training program is for leaders who wish to integrate a coaching style into their leadership.  This course goes far beyond training a few coaching skills; it trains leaders to have a coach-like attitude in all of their interactions. Leaders and managers learn to see the best in others and to grow them. They learn how to be more comfortable giving feedback, making that feedback useful and delivering supportive as well as critical feedback. With these new skills leaders learn to create a more positive, productive and innovative working culture. Leaders are supported as they integrate their new skills with their teams and colleagues – as sometimes this is the most difficult part of learning to use a coaching approach.

Our co-founder Lori Shook is the primary designer of this programme. Her previous relevant experience includes:

  • Designing the flagship coaching programme for Performance Consultants International (PCI) and their level 2 coach training programme.
  • Designing a significant part of the certification programme for The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) which is still being used after 12 years.
  • Contributing to CTI’s new core curriculum designs in 2001.
  • Delivering CTI courses for 12 years, plus training trainers for 10 years.
  • Delivering PCI courses for 5 years, and training other trainers throughout that time.
  • Being on faculty with CRRGlobal and responsible for global faculty development.
  • Designing and delivering our ICF accredited programme, Coaches Going Corporate.
  • Mentoring many leaders who were striving to implement coaching skills.
  • Lori was pivotal in creating a scalable train-the-trainer model for CTI and for holding quality assurance of curriculum and trainers for 10 years.
  • Co-designing and delivering Alchemy, a very popular programme to train facilitators in delivering experiential learning.  Designed and delivered since 2008.

Lori brings her design and delivery experience from the last 15 years to our programmes at shooksvensen.  She takes the best of the best, adding in neuroscience – because it’s essential – and applies this to our own Conversations that Count programme.