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September 2015

Free Learning event in London

Stakeholders are human, too
How to create and maintain successful business relationships using neuroscience and a bit of structure

shooksvensen continue our series of free Learning Events in London.
The next one is Tuesday, November 3rd at Hilton Paddington at 6:30pm
Check our Eventbrite page to register:

This time the we look at Stakeholders:

Stakeholders can make or break a project.

We all have a “project” we focus on at work.  It might be running a training programme, developing a team, leading a team, or any other endeavour. No matter what the project is, others are involved. We deliver results to others, we facilitate others, we might need someone’s support or help, someone else might have started this project and there is someone who can stop the project.

There are people all around us – near and far – who have an INTEREST in and/or an INFLUENCE on our projects; these are our stakeholders.

All of these stakeholders are people, even if they look like organisations or anonymous titles. They are human beings, with a brain similar to our own. They have limbic responses; they feel threats and rewards, just as we do.  The question is, how do we use our knowledge about the brain to create the best possible relationship with those stakeholders?

During this lively, fun and engaging evening, we will offer you a structure to organise your thinking about your stakeholders, to identify them and to recognise their relative importance. This will help you create a plan for engaging with them more successfully.

We will discuss how you can create and maintain professional, successful relationships with your stakeholders. We will use our knowledge of neuroscience to help you find better ways of interacting with them and their oh-so-human responses.