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August 2015

Team Up! Our book is out.

Our book is now available on Amazon.
Team Up! Applying lessons from neuroscience to improve Collaboration, Innovation and Results.

For your other Amazon version, please search for “team up neuroscience”.

This book is about how to create more collaborative teams.

The shooksvensen founders, Lori Shook and Frode Svensen have applied lessons from neuroscience to typical leadership and team challenges. These lessons show us that our natural drive for survival is part of the problem.

We follow a fictitious – yet very real – management team as they learn and grow through a culture change programme. A leadership training programme provides the team with brain-based self-awareness and self-management skills. Team members are then supported as they implement new skills and behaviours together. They learn how to manage their emotional reactions, they begin to view themselves as a collective and consciously create a more collaborative team culture.

Lori and Frode give us just enough theory to understand what is going on in the team and their individual brains without creating a neuroscience textbook. We get to know the team and some very common challenges. The presented solution is no quick fix. Instead, we get an integrated approach to change that we can apply in any organisation.

The messages from the authors are clear: train leaders in their teams and support them as they implement their new skills together. Base your programmes on available science.