Change that sticks. Finally.

BuckleSue Buckle

Sue’s purpose and passion are helping people find work more fulfilling and enjoyable – a commitment which grew while running her own headhunting company and seeing how much better people perform when they are working in motivating, stimulating environments. Studying the world of work and recruitment for many years also showed her that people frequently change jobs for the wrong reasons – often trying to get away from their own issues and problems, rather than learning how to deal with them. Her interest in coaching and psychology were ignited, leading to Coaches Training Institute’s acclaimed training, and a recent BSc Psychology degree.

Sue believes people thrive when inspired, encouraged and challenged, and works with individuals to help them understand themselves better, step up to leadership roles, understand their impact on others, and address workplace issues. She has created coaching programmes designed to help people remain resilient and inspiring, embrace the challenges of coping with increased levels of responsibility, and be(come) accountable leaders. She also works with people who want to return to the workplace and need to regain confidence, self-esteem, interview skills, and how to create a fabulous CV. She also leads and co-leads workshops on conflict resolution, creating a positive feedback culture, presentation skills, talent retention, improving teamwork.

For many people, work and career challenges spill over into their private lives and have an effect on health, relationships or finances, so she also coaches around these areas. A new interest is in the growing recognition that the workplace is ripe for change in order to motivate people, especially Generations X and Y, via the concept of ‘teal’ practices, as highlighted by Frédéric Laloux in his book ‘Reinventing Organizations’. Sue is part of a group of coaches/trainers/marketeers/consultants – all passionate about helping companies increase their success through bringing more humanity to the workplace.

Sue is a good listener, compassionate, warm and enthusiastic, and endlessly curious about what makes people tick. She can also be provocative, rigorous and firm. She is honest, and a great champion of people, although she will hold people to account if they are not living up to their capabilities. She is very human and works best with people who are happy to be human too.


BSc Psychology 2:1 (Open)
Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC), certified by Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
Certified Firework Career coach
Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


French (fluent), German (basic)