Change that sticks. Finally.

LightStephen Light

Stephen’s background ranges from experience in sales and marketing and now a change agent consultant for PeopleActiv, his own company over the past 13 years. Stephen invested heavily in himself to grow his own personal brand and is now a strong facilitator of change and leadership development.

Knowledge & Approach

Stephen prides himself on his practical approach to situations, assisting people in discovering themselves through the process of self-awareness. He enables people to acquire capability that creates the behavioural changes they are seeking. He blends the approach of self-discovery with skills acquisition that places people firmly on the path to self-reliance and positive delivery in all their relationships. Stephen believes that relationships are built or broken one conversation at a time. Every time you have a conversation you either add value to or take value away from a relationship. Stephen is on a mission to equip people with the necessary awareness and skills to have relationship building conversations, irrespective of whom the conversation is with and what the conversation is about. Stephen is a very strong communicator with a depth of knowledge in various communication models. He has worked across multi-cultural groups and enjoyed facilitating the creativity that stems from such diversity. He has strength in coaching individuals and teams and enjoys seeing potential become results. Stephen has an amazing ability to connect with people, build trust and from a place of curiosity, assist them with their growth. His leadership approach with people is to separate the person and their behaviour, validating people whilst recognising the potential to change the behaviours that don’t ‘fit’. He does this effectively one-on-one and with teams.


Stephen has worked in major corporates at all levels. He has facilitated leadership programmes growing future leaders. He has coached individuals and teams moving them to high performing effective teams focused on relationships to achieve results. He believes in himself and he believes in others. His driving philosophy is, “If you want something you have never had, you need to do something you have never done.” Stephen has worked in Africa and the UK extensively in the banking sector, IT sector, motor industry, mobile industry and with media groups amongst others. He is very quick to identify what the real issues are and with his commitment to people’s greatness he has a very direct and yet empathetic approach to guiding change

Education & Skills

  • Executive and Business coach 9 years
  • Facilitator of Leadership programmes and change initiatives
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaches Federation (ICF)
  • Organisational Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC – CRR Global)
  • IMM (Institute of marketing Management) Marketing diploma
  • BSc Degree in Environmental & Cellular biology (UKZN)