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ShookLori Shook

Lori has been training and coaching leaders and coaches for more than two decades. She designs experiential training programmes based on neuroscience and is passionate about making learning stick.

Improving training has been a driving force in her creating programmes. Her online programme for coaches – Coaches Going Corporate – is an example and another is the Alchemy program for trainers and facilitators of learning. Her book – TeamUp! gives the reader a walk-through of how a leader team can increase collaboration, Innovation and create better results using a brain-friendly approach.

At shooksvensen Lori leads teams of trainers and coaches to help transform organisations and bring more humanity to the workplace.

Lori started her career as an engineer chasing submarines for the U.S. Navy. She changed directions, followed her heart and began coaching in the 1990’s. She quickly became a Master Coach and trainer of coaches. For 14 years she worked for the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), known for its innovative experiential training style and powerful coaching model. In 2003 she moved to Europe and helped CTI expand throughout Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world. Currently, Lori is on faculty at CRR Global where she trains systemic coaching.

She has worked with hundreds of executives and countless organizations, and she has worked in partnership with coaching pioneers Laura Whitworth and Sir John Whitmore. Lori is fascinated by neuroscience and is passionate about enhancing the fields of coaching and training by including our growing understanding of the brain into all of her work.

Lori Shook
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