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Our Values


We want to deliver great results and value to our clients and we want you to have a great experience when working with us.

For us, Great also means that we deliver according to plan, budget and contract. It means that you get the value you expected (and more) and the outcome you were aiming for (or would have done had you imagined it was possible!). It also means that you get to create a great culture that you want to work in.


The word edge can mean the end of a space – a boundary or a frontier. It is often used in the physical sense like the edge of a cliff, but there is also an internal edge – the edge of one’s comfort zone.

At shooksvensen, we are all about confronting and crossing edges. We encourage our coaches and trainers to continually cross edges and expand their range of abilities so they can in turn work with our clients’ individual and collective edges. We will continue to cross our own personal edges as we coach and train people from a variety of cultures, organisations and communities.


We will always tell you the truth. It may not be the truth, but we will not hold back in our interactions with you. We will be honest and fair in our relationship with you.

Truth for us also means that we will tell you the truth as we see it, in service of you and your organisation, even when it is uncomfortable. That is what we call a truthful conversation.


Magic happens when we work with our clients. Our programmes and learning experiences are designed to create magical moments and outcomes. You will find yourself in places you did not think were possible to reach and you will see magical results that you and your colleagues create together.  Then you can take the magic with you and continue to apply it in your workplace.


We play. Seriously.

We believe learning happens when you feel free to practise, make mistakes, learn from them and have some fun in the process. It’s OK that we don’t take ourselves seriously. Instead, we take our work very seriously. And we practise a lot, play a lot and have a lot of fun. Seriously.


Our history

shooksvensen was created from Lori Shook’s and Frode Svensen’s passion for re-humanising the workplace. They realised that their similarities and differences created a powerful mix and an opportunity to create something new.

Lori started her career as an engineer hunting submarines for the U.S. Navy. She changed directions and began coaching in the 1990’s. She quickly became a Master Coach and trainer of coaches. She worked for the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), known for its innovative experiential training style and powerful coaching model. She moved to Europe and helped CTI expand throughout Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world.
Lori is currently a faculty member of CRR Global where she trains systemic coaching and of Performance Consultants International where she designs and delivers programmes for coaches and leaders.
She has worked with hundreds of executives and countless organisations. As one of the pioneers in coach training, she has worked with coaching pioneers like Laura Whitworth, Sir John Whitmore and Tim Gallwey.
Lori is presently fascinated by neuroscience and is passionate about applying new information about the brain to enhance the fields of coaching and training.

Frode grew up professionally in ExxonMobil where he held various leadership positions. Next, he joined Capgemini as a Management Consultant, and ended up leading their Stavanger office for a number of years. As an award-winning manager, he was demanding and successful and created a trust-based organisation where people could grow.
Frode’s interest in developing people took him to Capgemini’s corporate university in Chantilly, France, where he delivered leadership and coaching programmes.
Searching for even more challenges, he left the corporate world and pursued a successful career as an independent coach and trainer. He is constantly in search of great tools to help his clients solve the challenges of the 21st century.


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