Change that sticks. Finally.

The Neuroscience of Learning: How to facilitate learning & change in everyday interactions

Have you ever wondered how you can make learning more easy … more fun …more lasting?

The Neuroscience of Learning is for Learning & Development professionals, trainers, coaches and anyone who facilitates learning with or for others. (Here, when we refer to learning, we mean the kind of learning that leads to behaviour change, not just learning that creates understanding of a concept.)

Our aim in this one-day programme is to help you create the optimal conditions for learning, whether in a training course, a feedback session or in everyday interactions. Many situations, such as performance reviews, are set up for the purpose of learning, but they aren’t always successful. We’ll show you how to change this.

The Neuroscience of Learning is about how people learn, what helps (and what hinders) learning and how you can best serve others in their learning process by knowing some essential facts about the brain.

The course is interactive, experiential and engaging.  You will personally experience what we teach and will create a plan to implement any behaviours you wish to adopt.


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