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Coaches Going Corporate

Coaches Going Corporate (CGC) is an advanced level coaching programme for experienced coaches who want to work more effectively with logical and linear-thinking clients, including those in corporate environments. You will learn ways to focus on practical and relevant personal development without seeming “fluffy.” The shooksvensen approach shows how all of your creative tools will be acceptable and bring about great results even in challenging environments. 

About Coaches Going Corporate

This powerful series of eight masterclasses is designed to give you the confidence and authority to do sustainable personal development coaching in corporate environments and with logical-minded clients in any environment.

What you will learn

  • How to create trust and credibility with all of your clients. Build relationship from day one and throughout your coaching relationship.
  • The neuroscience behind your coaching tools: Offer clients easy-to-understand explanations of what is happening in their brain during coaching.
  • An easy model for powerful, creative, emotional coaching. Develop a pathway from problem solving to deep personal development coaching – for the sake of relevant and sustainable change.
  • Techniques that tap into your client’s creativity. Use framing and metaphor to help clients step back from the intensity of problem solving and tap into creativity and wisdom.
  • Simple ways to move clients from being resistant to you and your coaching to an attitude of trust and willingness to play and try new things. Learn how to get even the most resistant client to buy in and willingly engage in your coaching tools.
  • Skills to focus your clients’ attention on new learning. Point your clients’ attention to some new places and some old places they don’t often look at – like their body and emotions.
  • Take your values coaching to deeper levels. Help your clients replace missing foundation values, and understand the brain science of how inspirational values motivate us.
  • Identify and replace unhelpful beliefs and emotional addictions. Help your clients recognise and shift old stories and habitual emotional responses.

Self-Paced: The eight videos of the CGC series can purchased individually or as a whole programme and can be watched at your own convenience. You can subscribe to the self-paced programme on the video platform

The Coaches Going Corporate Blended Programme is ICF accredited, offering 10.75 CCEUs + 1.5 Resource Development hours. This blended programme is a combination of the eight videos of the CGC series plus live learning calls. It supports you through the full set of videos and helps you deepen your learning through specific exercises. Your learning will be further enhanced with live calls facilitated by an expert coach trainer.

If you have been wanting to offer your coaching skills to the corporate world but have lacked the confidence – or been sceptical that they would work there – this course will show you how it can be done.


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