Change that sticks. Finally.

Alchemy: The Art and Science of Truly Magical Co-facilitation

Have you ever left a workshop feeling uplifted and inspired? Feeling ready, able and excited to implement what you have just learned?

Creating that kind of impact in others is what Alchemy is all about

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Alchemy is also offered in-house.  If you would like to train your internal trainers to be more spontaneous, to use a more experiential approach and to co-facilitate, please get in touch.

The Art and Science

Magical co-facilitation does not just happen. It is carefully concocted from the finest ingredients. Knowing how to mix science and systems theory with verve and vitality gives you and your partner the power to create and deliver great events together: the kind of courses or workshops your participants will walk out of feeling both engaged, and eager to implement what you have taught them. Every time.

Alchemy is for facilitators who want to up their game. You will benefit from the latest in systems and adult learning theories, plus tips from neuroscience. And you will learn how to deliver seamlessly and in sync with a partner.

The focus is on co-delivery. The dynamic of two people facilitating well together creates a deep connection with participants and a sense of energy and safety that accelerates learning that sticks.

Alchemy gives you the confidence and the tools to trust the fluid and graceful dance between you, your co-facilitator and your participants. It also gives you the science behind making the learning stick. Specifically you will learn how to:

  • Create chemistry with your co-facilitator
    • Align so you can deliver together seamlessly – even if you have only just met
    • Be aware of, and receptive to, your co-facilitator and the energy of the group
    • Make each other shine – even when you disagree
    • Help learners see your co-facilitator’s brilliant demonstration of what you are teaching
  • Master your impact on participants and their learning
  • Charm participants to enhance their success
  • Model intended behaviours as you are teaching them
  • Set or change the energy and pace consciously and intentionally
  • Craft clever transitions when moving from one section to another
  • Apply adult learning theory and neuroscience
    • Ensure that the learning sticks by setting participants up for success
    • Point participants’ attention to what you want them to learn
    • Have fluid, meaningful debriefs that cement this new learning
    • Give generous and incisive feedback
  • Have easy command instead of a regimented power and control style of teaching
    • Shift from focusing on your agenda to focusing on what your learners need
    • Trust yourself so you can tear up your script and respond to what’s needed in the moment
    • Create more of your intended learning by working with what’s in the room
    • Give participants the freedom to find their own approach when both facilitators model behaviours in their unique style

This three-day workshop is for trainers and coaches who want to learn truly great facilitation techniques. You will learn many new tools and concepts, you will have plenty of opportunity to practise and you will receive discerning, constructive feedback from course leaders and participants. While the emphasis is on co-delivery, your solo facilitation will also be transformed. Magically.


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