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For Trainers and Coaches

shooksvensen are innovators in developing people and teams. We blend neuroscience, systems thinking and experiential learning to deliver change that sticks. Our specialists work with leaders and their teams to develop new behaviours, skills and ways of working. We also offer public programmes where we teach other practitioners to use our highly regarded and well-honed techniques of facilitating learning. We offer a number of programmes:

Coaches Going Corporate – advanced coaching skills

This is a master coach training series of online videos for experienced coaches which can be taken on its own or as part of an accredited blended learning programme that includes live learning calls. Coaches Going Corporate is designed for coaches who want to use their coaching skills with clients who are more logical and linear-thinking.


Alchemy is a 3-day programme designed for facilitators of learning who deliver courses or workshops with a partner. The course teaches co-facilitators how to create and deliver powerful experiential learning in a way that engages and inspires participants.

Alchemy is now also offered in-house.

Scheduled public course dates:
4-6 March 2016 in London
19-21 May 2016 in Dubai

Please contact us for more information on these (

Neuroscience of Learning

This one-day interactive programme is for anyone who facilitates learning that leads to behaviour change – from delivering training to offering feedback. Participants will understand how people learn and how to create the optimal environment for learning in any situation.


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Our book: Team Up! gives an easy-to-read overview on how we could work with your leaders and teams to create change that sticks.

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