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Conscious Leader Programme – Leadership Development

Would you like your leaders to work more effectively with colleagues, teams and stakeholders? Do you wish your organisation had a greater sense of humanity?

The goal of the Conscious Leader Programme (CLP) is to enable leaders to “re-humanise” their workplace. In other words, the CLP will help leaders understand and work effectively with the complex networks of human beings that form teams, groups and companies. The Conscious Leader Programme equips leaders with a more profound ability to see and release the collective intelligence of their colleagues – creating a solid and sustainable basis for both employees and businesses to thrive and grow.

During the Conscious Leader Programme, leaders will develop their ability to:

  • understand the impact they currently have and create the impact they want
  • be aware of and manage their own emotions
  • handle difficult, emotional situations
  • understand their internal assumptions and the impact these have on others
  • give effective, constructive feedback
  • create a learning culture that accepts failure and promotes innovation
  • build trust within their organisation and create a more positive working environment
  • recognise and address toxic behaviours and communication styles
  • manage change

The Science at the heart of it

The Conscious Leader Programme is an experiential learning course based on the latest thinking in neuroscience and systemic leadership. A personal development programme for leaders up to the most senior levels of organisations, the Conscious Leader Programme supports and facilitates the development of people’s emotional, social and systemic intelligence, equipping participants with an understanding of themselves and others from which to create a framework for effective 21st century leadership.

This programme is intended to be part of a larger organisational change initiative and is most effective when delivered in parallel with coaching support. Individuals and teams are coached to support the learning of the CLP and to ensure its effective implementation into their daily work.

The Conscious Leader Programme can also be customised to fit the needs of your organisation.

The Conscious Leader Programme creates 21st century leaders


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