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Our services

shooksvensen are innovators in developing people and teams. We blend neuroscience, systems thinking and experiential learning to deliver change that sticks. Our specialists work with leaders and their teams to develop new behaviours, skills and ways of working. The result is an organisational culture that fosters better collaboration, greater innovation and higher productivity.

We offer various ways to create change in your organisation, each of which can be delivered separately to a team, department or business unit, or they can be an integral part of a larger culture change programme. Contact us to find out more.

Team coaching – “Team Up!”

Most teams achieve only a fraction of what’s possible. Some are just a collection of people working towards a common goal without a clear sense of how to work together. Team coaching enables teams to work through differences and conflict and to create a common vision, more trust and a better way of working together.

Coaching skills for leaders – “Conversations That Count”

This programme provides leaders with valuable coaching skills that can be used in a variety of interactions with their personnel, peers and other stakeholders. The goal is to adopt a more “coach-like” leadership style in order to inspire, motivate and develop their employees.

Leadership Development – “Conscious Leader Programme”

The Conscious Leader Programme (CLP) enables leaders to understand themselves and to take responsibility for the impact they want to have on their teams and organisation. They learn to work more effectively with direct reports, teams, and all of their stakeholders and achieve better results with greater cooperation.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is a confidential zone where executives get time to think about themselves: a safe place where they can discuss their challenges and aspirations. The coach is a partner in helping the executive make changes and reach goals, and often serves as a sounding board.


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