Change that sticks. Finally.

Making change stick

Many change programmes fail because the existing culture rejects the changes.

Sending leaders on their own to external training programmes and expecting them to implement changes on their own when they return just doesn’t work.

To make change stick in your organisation well beyond the change programme – whether shifting a leadership style or implementing SAP changes – we need a fresh approach: We need to work systemically and use better ways of training people than have traditionally been used.

A culture change, or changing “how we do things around here” requires that individuals change how they think and what they do. Interactions between people also need to change.

Our approach

When dealing with large-scale change in an organisation, we consider the organisation as a whole system to determine the changes that need to occur. We begin by training people in a way that makes learning enjoyable and lasting. Our experiential training technology, which follows adult learning theory and the neuroscience of learning, enables people to learn specific new behaviours in a positive and engaging environment. This gives them the knowledge, the experience and the motivation they will need to use those behaviours – not just to know them. We ensure that the new behaviours will be reinforced by individual commitment, an implementation plan and accountability schemes.

Ideally, we start the training with the leaders so that they model the changes for others to see.

Neuroscience helps us understand that the brain resists change: the brain has old, deeply-encoded behavioural habits, including how to interact with other people, that take time to change. So we offer support structures at every level to help the change take hold.

  • We support individuals through coaching to help with the internal shifts they need to make to line up with the desired behavioural change.
  • We use systemic team coaching to help teams or groups make changes together – because this is where the desired organisational change really takes place.
  • We support the organisation to allow time for change to take place and to support their employees and teams to stick with the desired changes, while not criticising them when they slip into old habitual behaviours – because that’s a normal part of the change process.

Our specialists work with you to create a change programme that will fit with your organisation’s objectives, scale and people.

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All of our work is informed by neuroscience, systems thinking and experiential learning, the three elements of our Philosophy.

Our book: Team Up! gives an easy-to-read overview on how we could work with your leaders and teams to create change that sticks.

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