Our people

Our specialists are experienced in leadership development, experiential training, team and systems coaching and coach training.
We have studied neuroscience, systemic thinking and adult learning theory in order to deliver the best possible programmes for you.

Lori Shook

Lori is a pioneer.

For more than 20 years she has been creating experiential training programmes and worked with hundreds of leaders and coaches all over the world. Her programmes are based on neuroscience and she is passionate about making learning stick.

She is a Master Certified Coach and has been on faculty with CTI, CRR Global and PCI, and has worked closely with other pioneers like Tim Gallway, Sir John Whitmore and Laura Witworth.

Lori’s LinkedIn page.

Frode Svensen

Frode believes in the power of great stories. When working with Frode, his clients – individually and as teams – find the stories that inspire them to stellar performance and delivering outstanding results.

Frode has been a manager in ExxonMobil and a management consultant in Capgemini and he created trust-based organizations where people could develop and grow.

Now he co-creates impactful leadership development and culture change programmes for organisations around the world.

Frode’s LinkedIn page.

Stephen Light

Stephen believes that relationships are built or broken one conversation at a time. He is on a mission to equip people with the necessary self-awareness and skills to always have relationship-building conversations.

Stephen is a very strong communicator with a depth of knowledge in various communication models. He has strength in coaching both individuals and teams and has been a change agent consultant for over 13 years, working extensively in Africa and the UK.

Stephen’s LinkedIn page.

Dorothy Atcheson

Dorothy is specially trained in relationship systems coaching which she uses in her work with leaders and teams, to help them build successful team cultures, resolve conflicts, and navigate the challenges of the wider organisational and relationship systems that they are part of.

Dorothy has more than 25 years’ experience in media and communications for both the private and public sector, and has coached teams and senior managers internationally for many years. She is also an accredited supervisor of coaches

Dorothy’s LinkedIn page.

Gwen Knowles

Gwen has a particular interest in the neuroscience behind learning and change. She uses neuroscience in her work as a coach and trainer, to help clients understand how their brains work during skills acquisition, habit change, and stress management — in order to increase their success in these areas.

With over 10 years experience as a career development coach, Gwen has worked with both emerging leaders and seasoned executives in Europe and the US. She is also specialist in developing online and blended learning programmes.

Gwen’s LinkedIn page.

Catherine Stagg-Macey

Catherine works with senior executives who are wiling to swing out big for the sake of their company, their staff and their clients. This work can take on the form of individual coaching, or coaching the team for better performance.

Before training as a coach in 2012, Catherine spent over twenty years in the technology and insurance sectors, with experience in a wide range of roles from programmer and project manager to leader and strategy advisor.

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Our partners

We want to celebrate the great relationships we have with our partners. They all help us get our work out into the world, through creating, arranging or supporting our programmes, co-delivering with us or providing our programmes to their customers.

CRR Global and CRR UK

CRRGlobal – provider of ORSC courses. Lori Shook is part of faculty, and she was instrumental in building a solid faculty development system. Our good friend, the late Jim Patterson was a great colleague from CRRGlobal. CRRGlobal was founded by Marita Fridjhon and Faith Fuller.

When CRR programmes or Alchemy programmes are delivered in London or elsewhere in the UK, Nairy McMahon is holding the reins. Nairy is also a great conversation partner in all things marketing and business development.


Alchemy was co-created by Jim and Lori, with lots of support from Marita and Faith. The programmes are now delivered trough partners all over the world. Thanks to the generosity of Chris Powers (Jim’s sister) we are able to offer a number of scholarships to attend the Alchemy programme.


Gwen Knowles is providing coaches with great tools through BoomBoomGo. One of the programmes is Coaches Going Corporate, developed by Lori.

Some of our clients

Obviously, without our clients, we wouldn’t be allowed to do what we love: to help people grow and learn and develop fabulous work environment where people grow and learn and develop themselves
In short: to bring more humanity to the workplace.