Our programmes

We are proud of our programmes – and we are proud of the partners who help us deliver them to the world.


ICF-accredited: 16.5 CCEUs

Have you ever left a workshop feeling inspired, ready and able to implement what you learned?  Alchemy is about creating that kind of impact through co-facilitation and an experiential learning approach.

Coaches Going Corporate

ICF-accredited: 10.75 CCEUs
(for the Blended Learning Programme)

This powerful series of eight masterclasses is designed for coaches who are used to working with clients in creative, spontaneous, emotional ways and are unsure how to use these coaching tools with corporate clients.

Super-Charge your Coaching

ICF-accredited: 7 CCEUs

This one-day MasterCamp is for experienced coaches who want to be go further with their clients. You will have the opportunity to identify your source of strength as a coach then leverage that into a broader possibilities for your clients. We will use visualisation, play and movement to tap into your creative mind which will help you use your coaching tools in more powerful ways.

Our Books

Our books are written for the people we serve – not for academics or theorists.
We strive to make our texts as practical and useful as possible.

Team Up!

This book is about how to create more collaborative teams. The authors have applied lessons from neuroscience to typical leadership and team challenges. These lessons show us that our natural drive for survival is part of the problem.

The Essential Toolbox for the First-Time Leader

A set of practical, easy-to-use tips and hints for those who are great at your job, but haven’t led a team before.


Lori is a sought-after key-note speaker and interviewee and she has presented at TEDx Square Mile.
These videos offer insights into the way shooksvensen work and how we base our work on neuroscience.