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February 2017

Celebrating Our Partners

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We want to celebrate the great relationships we have with our partners. They all help us get our words out into the world, through creating, arranging or supporting our programmes, co-delivering with us or providing our programmes to their customers.

CRR Global Logo

CRRGlobal – provider of ORSC courses. Lori Shook is part of faculty, and she was instrumental in building a solid faculty development system. Our good friend, the late Jim Patterson was a great colleague from CRRGlobal. CRRGlobal was founded by Marita Fridjhon and Faith Fuller.

LOGO on white wo textAlchemy was co-created by Jim and Lori, with lots of support from Marita and Faith. The programmes are now delivered trough partners all over the world. Thanks to the generosity of Chris Powers (Jim’s sister) we are able to offer a number of scholarships to attend the Alchemy programme.

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When CRR programmes or Alchemy programmes are delivered in London or elsewhere in the UK, Nairy McMahon is holding the reins. Nairy is also a great conversation partner in all things marketing and business development.


Gwen Knowles is providing coaches with great tools through BoomBoomGo. One of the programmes is Coaches Going Corporate, developed by Lori.


SCC-IPWith Kathryn Szymczyk, we have developed a programme specifically for business developers in legal companies.

institute of passionLori is a Co-founder, director and applied neuroscience practice leader with the good folks at Institute of Passion.

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Bridget Temple brought us in to co-create and co-deliver a huge personal development programme for an international pharmaceutical.

nathalie brittenNathalie Britten, the organizer of Coaches Top-up series in London.

belgrave_logo-wb-350With Catherine Stagg-Macey, we are co-creating coaching programmes and doing business development for a mid-sized consulting company

Coaches Going Corporate video series

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Shooksvensen in cooperation with Boom Boom Go are launching an 8-part video course series called Coaches Going Corporate.

The series is intended for coaches who want to sharpen their coaching skills and who want to work within organisations, either as external or internal coaches.

Some of the topics are:

  • Build the confidence and authority to successfully coach corporate executives.
  • Use brain science to explain your coaching tools to logical, linear-thinking clients.
  • Learn a range of tools and techniques to tap into your clients’ creativity.
  • Develop a number of approaches to overcome your clients’ resistance.
  • … and more

Please visit Boom Boom Go for more information.

Making Change Stick

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As coaches and trainers, we all know how hard it can be for our clients to embed their new learning into an ongoing practice, or stick to the changes they want in their lives and create new habits. In this short video, Lori Shook shares four key elements that will help you to ensure your clients find it easier to make change stick.